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Federal College of Education (Technical) Postiskum has several programmes of studies ranging from Sciences, Social Sciences, Management, Arts, Engineering Medical and Eucation. Our Programmes enjoy full accreditation from National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). The minimum accepted admission requirements approval by NCCE in addition with the Departmental requirements is a most in order for you to be offered admission into any of our Programmes.

NCE Accounting Education Full Accreditation
NCE Office Technology and Management Full Accreditation
NCE Early Childhood Care Education Full Accreditation
NCE Primary Education Studies Full Accreditation
NCE Computer Science/Biology Education Full Accreditation
NCE Computer Science/Chemistry Education Full Accreditation
NCE Computer Science/Mathematics Education Full Accreditation
NCE Computer Science/Physics Education Full Accreditation
NCE Integrated Science/Biology Education Full Accreditation
NCE Integrated Science/Chemistry Education Full Accreditation
NCE Integrated Science/Physics Education Full Accreditation
NCE Agricultural Science Education Full Accreditation
NCE Fine and Applied Arts Education Full Accreditation
NCE Home Economics Education Full Accreditation
NCE Automobile Technology Education Full Accreditation
NCE Building Technology Education Full Accreditation
NCE Electrical/Electronics Technology Education Full Accreditation
NCE Metalwork Technology Education Full Accreditation


21 Automobile Technology Education Full Accreditation
22 Biology Education Full Accreditation
23 Building Technology Education Full Accreditation
24 Chemistry Education Full Accreditation
25 Electrical and Electronics Technology Education Full Accreditation
26 Mathematics Education Full Accreditation
27 Metal Work Technology Education Full Accreditation
28 Physics Education Full Accreditation
29 Wood Work Technology Education. Full Accreditation
30 Agricultural Science Education Interim Accreditation
31 Business Education Interim Accreditation
32 Computer Science Education Interim Accreditation
33 Integrated Science Education Interim Accreditation

The Professional Diloma in Education (PDE) Programme of the Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum, Yobe State was introduced in April, 2017 under the affiliation of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) as a support service with the sole aim of providing Pre-service, servicing teachers and other graduates without teaching qualification with the requisite pedagogical skills to address their deficiencies in teaching as a profession. It should be noted that teaching as a profession is a dynamic field of human endeavour that requires continuous review in order to meet the global challenges of imparting knowledge in the 21st Century learning technologies. The new world order in teacher training programme has a paradigm shift from talk-chalk method to a more media-based instruction.

Admission Requirements

Any individual who possesses Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees is eligible for admission into the programme if you are aspiring to be a teacher.

Course Description

The Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) programme is two semesters course to be ran concurrently by graduates without teaching qualification that are aspiring to be teachers. As part of the programme course work, each student is expected to submit a bound copy of a Research Project and will also be subjected to a twelve (12) weeks Teaching Practice Exercise at a stretch in order to acquire pedagogical skills to enable him/her operate professionally as a classroom teacher.  During your project writing, be reminded that each student will be diligently supervised by a Lecturer involved in the programme or outside the programme as would specifically be determined by your project topic. A total of eighteen (18) courses would be offered including project and teaching practice; eleven (11) courses during the first semester and seven (7) courses in the second semester. The programme is one academic calendar.

Examinations: will be conducted for all courses offered according to each semester. Therefore, two (2) sets of examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester as requirement for certification and all courses will be subjected to external moderation.

Continuous Assessment (CA): a 40% CA must be attained by each student to qualify him/her to sit for end of semester examinations.

Attendance: a student must possess 75% attendance before he/she will qualify to sit for any end of semester examinations.

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